Monday, March 14, 2011

Life, Chocolates, Chinese Buffets, and Weight Loss!

I’ve always believed that Forrest Gump had it wrong. “Life is like a box of chocolates.” He’d say. “You never know what you’re gonna get!” Forrest Gump is a classic movie and I loved it. I thought Tom Hanks was brilliant. I just really didn’t like the philosophy.

What kind of life is that? You never know what you’re gonna get!

I much prefer to think of life as a chinese buffet! Pick and choose what you want! Want more of something? Go back for seconds! Don’t like something? Push it to the side of your plate and get something else.

And then there’s dessert! All the dessert you can eat! YUM!!

A chinese food buffet! That’s a much better way to think of you life ... don’t you agree? You truly can pick and choose what you want out of life ... or don’t want!

However ... buffets are not such a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight. There’s way too much choice, and it’s far too tempting to overeat.

Dr. Roberta Temes, World-renowned hypnotist and psychotherapist, has helped thousands of people around the world successfully lose weight.

In her free report, Scientific Fat Burning Secrets, Dr. Temes makes 20 suggestions of simple ways to trick your mind into losing fat. One of her suggestions is to bore yourself and lose weight.

Studies have been done proving that people will actually eat less if they’re not tempted with choice. Bottom line - if you’re looking to lose weight, eat boring. The less choice you have, the less you’ll be tempted to eat. It’s really a simple change to make ... and it works!

So ... while dieting stay away from buffets! Unless it’s the buffet of life! Jump on in and enjoy all you want!

To learn more about Dr. Temes’ proven methods of tricking your mind into losing fat, check out



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The Lucky Wife said...

Interesting stuff. My sister tried hypnosis during labor (I think). I'm not a big "believer" myself in hypnosis but do believe a lot in focusing the mind (for me, on the things of God!) to overcome challenges in your life!

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