Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hypnosis Puts YOU Back In Control ... As Seen In The New York Times!

A main fear that I hear all the time about hypnosis is that you will lose control. Many fear that they will fall under the ‘hypnotist’s spell’ - and that they will completely lose control of themselves.

Nothing is farther from the truth, according to Dr. David Spiegel, director of the Center on Stress and Health at Stanford University School of Medicine and a leading authority on hypnosis.

“People think hypnosis is about giving up control,” said Dr. Spiegel. “But it’s actually giving control back to the patients.”

Hypnosis is a tool used by therapists to help patients make changes in themselves that they want. BUT ... it will only work if the patient wants it to. They are fully in control throughout the entire session.

What hypnosis does is it puts you into a relaxed state, which opens your mind and pushes down the barriers of your critical state of consciousness. This allows you to become more receptive to the ideas and concepts that are presented to you.

The hypnotherapist then makes specific suggestions to help change a behavior, perception or physiological condition.

Here’s an example ... if someone is trying to quit smoking, they may be told under hypnosis that cigarettes are poisonous and that it’s important to care for and respect their body.

When this suggestion gets engraved into their subconscious, you can bet they’ll think twice about lighting up that cigarette.

But again - the suggestion will not work if the patient does not want it to. They can choose to accept or reject the suggestion.

Hypnosis is certainly becoming more popular and mainstream as an effective method of helping with many illnesses. It’s even now available to patients at some of the most respected medical institutions in America, including Standord Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

Hypnosis recently received a rave review in the New York Times. To learn more, I recommend reading this article -->> Using Hypnosis to Gain More Control Over Your Illness.

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Sarah Chambers Precision Therapy said...

Thank you for sharing this article. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool, I have been helping people for many years to empower themselves and heal the emotional hurt from past experiences. People believe that hypnosis is giving up control because of the stage hypnosis acts, which is nothing to do with hypnosis, merely showmanship and extroverts who following directions for fun.

Ro Little said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for visiting! Yes ... hypnosis is an amazing tool and we're certainly changing lives by sharing it! FYI - I would love to check out your website, but the link you posted is not working. Please double check the URL ... I'd love to see!

Ro Little said...

LOL!! Sorry about the link not working!! It's early on Sunday morning! I got it. The http was in twice. Got it now. Going to check out your site now ...

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